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Making payments easier than ever

That's what Tamara is all about!

Tamara is a Saudi Fintech startup. Its mission is to empower people to shop via honest, transparent, and inclusive methods. We provide Buy-Now-Pay-Later solutions that allow customers to either pay within 30 days or pay in 3 installments – all without any hidden fees or interest charges.

Tamara, a customer-first company that prioritizes the consumer’s best interest, was founded by a team of creative Saudis, every member of which distinguished in their own right, many of whom earned national and global awards to boot. Team Tamara works around the clock, constantly developing payment, shopping, and customer experience solutions that make life easier and more fulfilling.

Although Tamara’s HQ is in Saudi Arabia, our offices span across borders: UAE, Germany, and Vietnam.

Tamara was permitted by the Saudi Central Bank (SAMA) to test its innovative products under the Regulatory Sandbox as a first-of-its-kind in Saudi.