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Pay in 30 days or split into 3 payments with zero interest
Buy now and pay later

Pay in 30 days

No hidden fees, no interest, and no down payment.

Buy now and pay later

Split into 3 payments

Pay a third now, and pay the rest over the course of two months.

Split it into 3 payments without fees in 60 days

Or Pay 30 days later without any additional fees


Shop from hundreds of stores and enjoy flexible payment options.

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How to buy
with Tamara?

online or in-store Pay your way
  • No interest, no fees, and no hidden charges
  • No forms to fill or documents to sign
  • Pay via Mada, Visa, Mastercard, or even ApplePay

Online Purchase

Choose Tamara on the Payment Page

Choose Tamara on the Payment Page

Pay within thirty days or in three payments over 60 days

Enter your data

Enter your data

ID and phone number for your first order and checkout in one easy step from there on out

Receive your order... and pay later!

Receive your order... and pay later!

Enjoy your purchase before having to pay for it

In-store Purchase

Download Tamara app

Download Tamara app

Get the app form the Apple app store or Google play store

Use the QR code to pay with Tamara

Use the QR code to pay with Tamara

Navigate to in-store tab and scan the QR code provided by the store

We’re done! Enjoy your purchase

We're done! Enjoy your purchase

Follow up on your payment schedule in app and pay your way

Questions you
might ask

Our profit comes from fees that we collect from the stores you buy from, and not from you.

Tamara is available to all citizens and residents of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates who are over 18 years old.

Orders are filtered through Tamara’s vetting process. Things to consider:

- Are there sufficient funds in the account your card draws money from? Double-check.

- Do you owe a substantial amount to Tamara? It may help to pay some off.

- Is the value of your order high? Try removing a few items from your shopping cart.

- How many open orders do you currently have? Too many may result in a denied order.

When determining which orders to approve, we consider many factors, including how long you have been a shopper and your track record. The more orders you’ve paid on time, the more orders you’ll be able to place.

Make sure that the store you’re shopping from supports Tamara’s services. Stores may have maximum/minimum purchase limits that may prevent you from completing your order.

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