Your customers want to buy now and pay later!

Customers enjoy a flexible payment solution to buy the product they love. No hidden fees. No risk.

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Add Tamara to your shop
What is Tamara

Why tamara?

Unleash your store’s potential by enabling ​Pay Later ​with tamara!

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Increase sales and average order value

Our solution connects your store to a wider range of recurring consumers and enables them to purchase spontaneously.

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Tackle cash on delivery

Don’t suffer from COD’s fees and long cash cycle. You get paid as you ship. Consumers trust your shop by trying your product before they pay.

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Reduce fraud and
non-payment risks

Focus on your core business. Tamara assumes customer fraud and non-payment risks.

How it works


Integrate with Tamara using API or plug-ins


Customers will enter their phone numbers and confirm the code via SMS once checking out.


Ship the product and we settle with you directly


Customers have 30 days to settle with Tamara. No fees!