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30% Increase in

Why should
you enable

Choose Tamara on the Payment Page

Higher conversion

Our partners see a 30% increase in cart conversion, and more repeat shoppers.

Zero fraud liability

Zero fraud liability

Tamara handles all the fraud cases, isn't who they say they are, we take care of it

No Cash On delivery

No Cash On delivery

No more cash hassle. You will always get your payment in full upfront

How it works

You can join Tamara's trusted partners with
4 easy steps
  • 01.

    Sign your store up to Tamara

    Offer your valued customers different payment options

  • 02.

    Integrate Tamara via API or Plug-in

    Connect Tamara to your online store as a payment method

  • 03.

    Choose your payment settings

    Allow customers to split payments in 3 or to pay 30 days later

  • 04.

    Get paid on a weekly basis

    Receive your payments in full, every week no matter what

Seamless integration

Our devoted team will help you connect your store and integrated smoothly with Tamara API

Questions you
might ask

Tamara settles the amounts with the merchants on a weekly basis whether the customers have paid or not. We deal with it so that you won’t have to.

Right now, linking your store with Tamara if free of charge. Apply to join as a merchant and our team will contact you for more information.

Your store must be officially registered in either the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or the United Arab Emirates. We sometimes reject requests from high-risk stores and stores of an incompatible nature.

The amounts are due after the order is shipped to the customer and/or according to the payment schedule agreed upon with the store.

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